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Integrate GitHub Repos into Planio

Mirror your GitHub repositories in Planio so you can easily integrate Git commits into your Planio project management workflow.

You can mirror GitHub repositories in Planio. That lets you tightly integrate your GitHub repositories into Planio’s workflow. You’ll be able to link Git commits to Planio issues so you can see the code that fixes bugs or introduces new features. You can even use the Git commit message to track time or update the status of issues.

Repositories in GitHub

You can choose between Planio’s unlimited private repositories or having repositories in GitHub. GitHub repositories will be mirrored in Planio, so any commits on GitHub will be pushed to the Planio repository automatically.

Keep your repositories in GitHub
Keep your repositories in GitHub

Issues in Planio

You can work with Git commits in Planio issues by referencing the issue in the Git commit. That means that you’ll keep development work and project tracking together in one place for less confusion and more shipping of working software. Hurrah!

Reference GitHub commits in Planio issues
Reference GitHub commits in Planio issues

Working With Planio

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