Privacy Policy

Planio is very concerned with protecting the user’s privacy. Reasonable measures are undertaken to prevent unauthorized access to any personal information.

Log files and cookies

Each time the user accesses the Planio website, data will the saved in a log file on the servers of Planio. This data may contain a timestamp of the access, information about the browser used (user-agent), the Internet address, from which the requested page has been called (referrer), et al. Planio reserves the right to use this data in an anonymized form and without any correlation to the user for statistical purposes.

After logging in to the Planio website with user name and password, so-called cookies are used to identify the user during the course of his session. A cookie will be stored on the user’s computer during the visit of the Planio website and automatically deleted upon the termination of his visit.

Publication by users

Planio users have the ability to share data and content with other users via Planio. They also have the ability to make data and content public on the general Web. All data and content which a user uploads or stores within a Planio instance will not be shared by Planio with any third party unless directed by the respective user. However, Planio can not be held responsible if a breach in confidentiality is caused by misconfiguration from the customer or a user to which permissions have been granted by a customer or user.

Personal Data