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Hunger, thirst, curiosity for new things - an Internet portal that skilfully links such basic needs has good chances of success. The makers of brandnooz also thought so - and were proved right.

brandnooz is a portal that distributes news about products from the food industry. But that’s not all. The slogan “taste the news” is meant literally. The users of brandnooz have the opportunity to test new products free of charge, to review them and to recommend them to friends and acquaintances. This way, they can try products of tomorrow today. Thereby, manufacturers do not only obtain a recommendation based marketing campaign with the objective of authentic consumer to consumer communication, but also early information on product acceptance of individual target group segments.

Proof of concept, prototype, then relaunch

After the successful launch of brandnooz and the rapid increase in user numbers, it quickly became clear that the portal has to develop further. New ideas, the design of details, demands of users, and also the measurability of their activities – all these components could not satisfactorily be covered with the underlying CMS. For the major relaunch of the site, brandnooz made use of a tool that ensured a fast and smooth realization of the project.

Planio supports and accelerates the planning and implementation of projects

The management of projects can be very time-consuming, and that time is often missing in the course of the project. However, this need not be the case – because now there is Planio. The online tool for project management combines key functions that reduce the coordination efforts to a minimum and thus helps to maintain the overview. Within the Planio environment, files and compiled knowledge can be managed more easily – for example using wikis. Tasks are distributed appropriately; achievements of objectives are tracked and visually displayed. With the relaunch of brandnooz, all project participants benefited from an integrated rights management and could perfectly be involved, collaborate and communicate via the platform.

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