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The Most Powerful Git Client for Mac and Windows

Git Tower is the ultimate Git client for Mac and Windows. Ease-of-use combined with the power of Git to make Git Tower our client of choice for Mac users!

Git Tower is a powerful Git client for Mac and Window users who want to access their Planio repositories using an easy-to-use and intuitive graphical interface. Advanced functionality is available, including single line staging, submodule support, and file history. No need to worry about making mistakes: undo is supported, new branches can be created via drag & drop, and you can always roll back to previous revisions. Git Tower is a great app for Mac users looking for a best-in-breed Git client!

Commit Management

Git Tower goes beyond what is expected by enabling users to exercise a high degree of control over commits and how they work. With Git Tower, you can easily cherry-pick commits, create and apply patches, and work with Git submodules. Granularity over commits is possible via Git Tower’s unique staging area concept: users can determine exactly which changes should be included in commits, even down to single lines. Of course it is possible to do all of this offline — no need to remain connected to manage commits!

Viewing commit history
Viewing commit history

Keeping Track

In Git Tower, users don’t have to worry about making mistakes or losing track of work. In fact, the system makes it almost impossible to delete anything! Users can undo existing commits, revert certain commits, or roll back a current branch to a previous commit. Historical data can also be easily viewed, with lists of all (or recent) activities and historical content for any branch, tag, or stash. Not happy with a change? Discard unwanted local changes in a file, even on a single line basis.

View file change status
View file change status
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Git Tower is a paid app from fournova. Get a 10% discount here.

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