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Protection des données (RGPD) Guaranteed Uptime

Promoting Data Freedom

Your information belongs to you and only you — this will always be a core principle of our operating procedure.

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Our philosophy regarding the use of your data is our Data Freedom Principle; this is our statement to you that you are in charge of your data at all times. We will not withhold access to your information nor will we use it as leverage in the event of an account cancellation — in which case your data can be downloaded free-of-charge. In addition to daily encrypted backups within our secure data centers, we also offer a free individual backup option that allows you to schedule and download your own full backups.

Enabling Data Freedom

  • Data Freedom Principle: You are in charge of your data at all times.
  • No vendor lockin: A full export is provided for free if you cancel your account.
  • Export: Data can be exported and presented in multiple formats as needed.
  • Backups: Encrypted daily backups to our highly secure data storage facilities.
  • Extra: On-demand backups can be requested and downloaded weekly.

The Data Freedom Principle

You should remain in complete control of your data. We realize that your information is highly valuable and, while acting as a caretaker, we will always treat it with the utmost respect in terms of security and control. Concerning security, we protect your data via SSL encrypted connections, daily encrypted backups, and firewall protection. We will never seek to control your data, prevent you from retrieving it, nor use it as leverage in an attempt to keep you as a customer.

Exports on Demand

In support of our Data Freedom Principle, we offer a final data export, at no charge, to all customers who decide to cancel their Planio account. Your information belongs to you and, if you decide that Planio isn’t for you, then we have no right to hold your data hostage. The final data export includes a full SQL dump as well as backups of your repositories and file attachments. Planio also features numerous export functionalities if you wish to retrieve your data for presentation in a different format.

Maintaining Data Safety

For your security, all data is encrypted and backed-up to off-site locations here in Germany on a daily basis; specifically, data storage centers in Falkenstein and Frankfurt. These are both highly secure air-conditioned facilities that offer the latest technology in terms of software & hardware infrastructure. All locations enjoy the surety offered by Germany’s strict data privacy laws. Additionally, you can also request and download your own backups once per week for free.

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