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The User-Friendly Git App

SmartGit is an easy-to-use Git app that works in Windows, MacOS and Linux. No command line work here! The interface makes managing commits a breeze.

SmartGit is a powerful, yet extremely user-friendly, Git repository client for Windows, MacOS and Linux. With SmartGit, you can easily access a Planio Git repository without ever having to use the command line! You can also sync a local folder with the repository hosted on Planio. It includes powerful features (e.g., commit re-ordering, committing individual lines, resurrecting lost commits) coupled with easy-to-use functionality — it doesn’t bother you with underlying technical constraints. A great Git app for Windows, MacOS and Linux users!

Ample Repository Functionality

SmartGit is a robust Git client with considerable functionality based on enabling developers to manage all aspects of commits. Individual lines within a file can be committed, lost commits can be resurrected, and unpushed commits can be reordered. You can easily review changes to modified and staged files, manage branches, and view a project’s history. Of course, SmartGit plays well with Planio, as it enables you to access a Planio Git repository from your Windows, MacOS oder Linux computer as well as syncing a local folder with a Planio-hosted repository.

SmartGit functionality
SmartGit functionality

The Big Picture

In addition to comprehensive functionality, SmartGit’s intuitive interface empowers users to easily manage a repository as a whole. A log window shows the history of a project and enables you to drill down into detailed changes as well as executing direct Git commands. The state of a repository can be viewed at one glance: the working tree, Git’s Index, available branches, and which commits need to be pushed. With SmartGit, there is no need to install additional tools, as it comes with a built-in SSH client, a File Compare, and 3-Way-Merge.

Viewing commit history
Viewing commit history
Download a free trial of SmartGit

SmartGit is a paid app from syntevo and can be tested for free.

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