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Finding the Content You Need

Can’t find the needle in the haystack? Tired of sifting through subdirectories? Don’t worry. Just enter text, hit Enter, and you’re done.

Essayez gratuitement !

The Planio search engine is simple to use, yet capable of advanced functionality. You control the scope of your search, whether that means sifting through all projects or only analyzing specific titles. Only want to view issue and company data? No problem: functionality filters make it happen. Tired of unorganized results? Planio collates results by functionality, highlights matching terms, and puts your results into context. Who said searching was no fun?

Big Lens or Small?

Searching for a key piece of data across all projects? Or perhaps want to find an issue from a specific project? Whether you need to perform a search from high altitude (e.g., searching all words) or focus in on the ground-level (e.g., searching by titles), Planio’s search functionality can accommodate your scope. A straightforward drop-down list enables you to select a project while a simple checkbox gives you the power to search all verbiage or just titles. Easy? Yep.

Search functionality
Search functionality

Filter by Functionality

If you’re a dedicated Planio user, then you’ve no doubt encountered the daunting appearance of hundreds (or thousands) of search results. One of the most powerful tools in the battle against bloated search results is the functionality filter. Simply select one, or more, functionalities to filter by and Planio will only display the results that you’re interested in. Whether it’s an issue, wiki page, or a contact, functionality filters can help you to make sense out of search result chaos.

Filter by functionality
Filter by functionality

Meaningful Search Results

Raw data is not very helpful if it does not have meaning attached to it. Planio addresses this issue by displaying search results in context, highlighted, and collated according to functionality. Each result includes a clickable link, description or other related text (to put the result into context), a time & date stamp when the data item was last saved, and a breakdown of which functionalities appeared along with how many of each occurred.

Search results
Search results

Saving you Time and Hassle

  • Simple searches done in two easy steps: enter the term and hit Enter.
  • Control the scope: all projects? one? all words? only titles? It's up to you!
  • Use functionality filters to see content that is relevant to your search.
  • Make sense of results with context, highlights, and data collating.
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