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Hosted Subversion & Git Repositories

Your Planio account comes with unlimited hosted SVN and Git repositories. They are tightly integrated and highly available, backed up and super-secure.

Try it out and see for yourself!

Everybody likes Planio, but developers really love it! Not only because everything is well structured and easy to access, but also because your Planio account comes with unlimited hosted Git and Subversion repositories. Access control is managed by Planio’s roles and permissions and associating commits with task management or time tracking is just as convenient as creating and associating repositories with your projects.

Repository management

No more redundancies! Want to give all developers on the project access to one of the repositories? Just update their role and they will be able to checkout, commit, clone, push, and pull to their heart’s content. All hosted repositories are accessible via HTTPS and your regular Planio credentials. Git repos can also be accessed using SSH and a public/private keypair. Have external people on the team to check out your code but not commit? No problem with read-only repo access–with or without requiring user authentication.

Setting up repository permissions and public keys
Setting up repository permissions and public keys

Web-based access

Not at your computer? Just browse the code online. Planio’s repository view shows all files and folders — and all branches. Code is beautifully highlighted: you can see a file’s history, compare versions, and see side-by-side differences with only a few clicks. As for Git, there’s even a dynamically generated branch visualization, so you can understand your merges at the blink of an eye.

Browsing a Git repository
Browsing a Git repository

Tightly integrated

Here comes the best part: No longer must your code be lonely and all by itself. With Planio, your commits will team up with task management, time tracking and the wiki! Just reference any issue in a commit to always display the two side-by-side in Planio’s repo and issue views. Mention an amount of hours spent in a commit message to automagically track time. Reference commits, files or even lines of code from within the wiki to annotate and document important parts of your code.

Referencing an issue from a commit message
Referencing an issue from a commit message

Repository Hosting with Planio — what you'll get:

  • Your choice: Subversion or Git and unlimited repositories
  • Your control: Give access to team members via Planio's roles and permissions
  • Your convenience: Use your regular credentials to authenticate
  • Your mobility: Access code on the go via your browser
  • Your productivity: Cross-reference commits, issues, timelog entries, and wiki pages
  • Extra bonus: Integrate external Git repos from 3rd parties, such as GitHub
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